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Essential Beard Oils for Your Favorite Guys!

I just got this for my hubby for his Christmas stocking!! I can't wait to smooch & breathe in this woodsy aroma!
Benefiting all types of facial hair & hydrating to skin, Northern Escape™ Beard Oil is crafted with light and fast absorbing Argan, Jojoba, Avocado, and Sunflower oils to keep beards soft & manageable. Infused with dōTERRA Northern Escape™ Woodland Blend, containing: Black Spruce, Siberian Fir, Balsam Fir, Lavandin, Cedarwood, Cypress, Hinoki, Frankincense, Nootka, Cananga, & Clove, the beard oil has a fresh, adventurous aroma that provides a forest-like atmosphere, making grooming a pleasure.

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Kids Koala Diffuser!

Calmer Restful Blend offers a peaceful aroma that’s designed to turn any room into a soothing sanctuary. Lavender, Cananga, Buddha Wood, and Roman Chamomile come together in this unique oil blend to make the ultimate calming atmosphere.

If only my kids were still little! Adorable and practical, the Koala Diffuser is a fun addition to any room. This diffuser features two ambient light options, four musical settings, and five volume levels. Whether you want a soothing piano lullaby at night or a cheerful birdsong in the morning, you can choose sounds to match any situation! This cheerful Koala Diffuser can fill a room up to 270 square feet for four hours when operating continuously or eight hours intermittently.

Together, the Koala Diffuser and Calmer Restful Blend can turn any room into a soothing, whimsical environment.

Click the pic to gift this diffuser to your favorite kiddos! Act fast - this is a limited time offer!

Holiday Peace 

This is my favorite of the holiday blends. It's the Vetiver that makes it my fave! My hubby especially likes it too!

Discover your grounding foundation in the delicate tones of Holiday Peace with the calming aromas of three firs—Siberian, Douglas, and Himalayan—complimented by Grapefruit, Frankincense, and Vetiver. Embrace the soothing aroma of these fir oils, reminiscent of wintertime traditions. Holiday Peace will help you find the calm during your busy holiday season. Diffuse Holiday Peace or apply to pulse points during family gatherings and holiday prep to keep the atmosphere peaceful and merry. The harmonious blend of Holiday Peace will help bring a tranquil and serene feeling to your home during the holidays.

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Ancient Oils Collection 

From the shifting sand of the Sahara to the expanse of primeval forests and unending blue skies, the doTERRA Ancient Oils Collection is inspired by the contours, cultures, and peoples of the distant past. The collection includes six essential oils used by important figures in ancient times for their health benefits and to improve wellbeing. Take pleasure in these captivating oils.

The Collection comes in a beautifully designed, natural wood box and includes six essential oils used by important figures in ancient times for their health benefits and to improve wellbeing – CPTG® Myrrh, Frankincense, Galbanum, Hyssop, Cistus, and Common Myrtle.

This meaningful collection is only available for the holiday season. Click the pic to add these oils to your collection, or to gift to your loved one.