Creative, unique and enriching yoga & wellness experiences! 

Mt. Snow, Vermont


Opening Circle

Essential Oil Workshop

Create Dream Boards & Journals 

Enjoy private space in the Zen Den

Indulge in the EO Infused Sauna & Spa


Essential Oil Workshop

Continue Dream Boards, Journaling & enjoying the Zen Den

Relax in the EO Infused Sauna & Spa 

Campfire & Closing Circle

What's provided:

All essential oil workshop supplies, a new craft journal along with a variety of materials& inspo for creating Dream Boards &  journals, zen teas, eo infused waters, a vegetarian based lunch, 

Our Zen Den will provide you with private time to use the Buddha Board, peruse a variety of books & magazines, burn some palo santo, play a tibetan singing bowl, draw from a variety of inspiring card decks & create in your journal.



$75 for oil team members

$50 for active oily builders