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Why dōTerra

Gifts from the earth !

I am truly in love with these little bottles of magic! 

Literally translated, doTERRA means... gift of the Earth!

As a mom, dōTerra essential oils have been transformative for me & my family.  They have empowered me with natural solutions to support my family's health & well-being & are  safe, effective & affordable.  And they are empowering my kids who are learning which oils to use to support their needs.  Nothing makes me happier to hear, "Mom, can I have some Peppermint for my headache", rather than asking for an over-the-counter medicine.

We use them daily for a variety of reasons: to make us feel grounded, to temper teenage drama, to reduce anxious feelings, to ensure we sleep peacefully, to help us focus when doing homework, studying for tests or working at the computer,  to boost our immune systems & keep us healthy.

They are tools we turn to for everyday health challenges like the sniffles, coughs, the flu, stomach bugs, earaches, headaches, scrapes, mosquito bites, skin rashes and blemishes, wounds, indigestion, nausea… fill in the blank, their benefits are endless.

They are our emotional support, our immune support & our medicine cabinet too… & the best part is that they are non-toxic, safe for everyone, effective & affordable.

I have done research into the many brands of essential oils available and not only am I firm on my choice of only using doTERRA oils for my family but I am also honored to partner with dōTerra & align my integrity with this beautiful earth and eco conscious company. 

dōTerra oils are unquestionably the highest quality and safest essential oils that you can use. They are harvested and distilled in a way that is extremely earth and eco conscious, that supports the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people in the developing world and that preserves their medicinal quality. As my family is the most precious thing to me, I am serious about only using the best with them when it comes to our health.

1. doTERRA oils are the purest and most medicinally potent essential oils on the planet.
There are NO fillers, synthetics, fragrances, perfumes or pesticides, ever! ... just 100% pureEssential Oil.
Beware of other oil companies who label their oils as 100% pure, when in fact, they are not : the essential oil industry is unregulated and some shady stuff is going on.  Current regulations allow a company to say that their oil is 100% pure even if it only contains  5% pure essential oil in the bottle!  Yes, you read that right... it only has to contain 5% pure essential oil to be called 100% PURE! How shocking is that? With only 5% real essential oil in the bottle, synthetic fragrances have to be added to give the oil an aroma. Filler oils like mineral oil are added to add volume to the bottle. These impure 'essential oils' are not only ineffective but their synthetic ingredients are actually harmful!

doTERRA is the leader in the essential oil industry because they operate with such high integrity. They are unwaveringly committed to ensuring that every single bottle of doTERRA essential oil is REALLY 100% pure. They ensure this by a stringent 3rd party testing protocol that tests each liter of essential oil produced, 11 times before it lands in your hand. doTERRA is the only company that allows transparency in this testing process, letting you view the results of these tests at any stage by visiting :

With doTERRA, you know that a bottle of Lavender oil contains only 100% pure Lavender Oil, always. Therefore, you can be confident that doTERRA Lavender oil is effective!

2. No pesticides or other synthetic chemicals are used on doTERRA plants, EVER!

3. dōTerra harvests plants that grow in their native climate.
This is crucial because plants that grow in their natural habitat have the most superior medicinal chemistry. They have evolved over hundreds of thousand years to flourish naturally in that exact environment, with that exact soil profile and those exact seasons. These plants are far superior in medicinal potency to the same plant grown on a farm.
Most other essential oil companies farm their plants in unnatural environments and therefore need to use pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers (even if they use organic pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers... I prefer none at all!)
Farmed plants do not have the same quality medicinal profile of plants grown in their natural habitat. This is another important reason why I choose doTERRA for my family.

4ensure that plants and crops are sustainably harvested while making sure growers get fair & on-time payments and profit-sharing programs to uplift whole communities.

dōTerra is a circle of giving — we are given these gifts from the earth to help support our physical and emotional health while the company economically serves growers and harvesters with omplete integrity and those in need with life-changing philanthropy while operating in an unwaveringly earth and eco conscious way. It's a beautiful ecosystem to be a part of.

Fequently Asked Questions

I'm considering getting some oils but I have a few questions first...

1. If I order oils once, will I have to order every month?

- No. You don't have to order again. Chances are that you'll want to because you'll love how your oils make you feel... but there is never any commitment to buy oils again.

2. Am I required to sell oils if I buy them from you?

- No. There is no commitment to sell oils. In fact, 85% of dōTerra  members are customers who love & use their oils with no interest in the business opportunity.

I started using dōTerra oils 3 years ago as a customer. They quickly became an integral part of how I cared for my family and sharing them with friends and family was completely natural. They worked so well for me, I couldn't help sharing them with loved ones in need.  I didn't realize that I could partner with dōTerra &  build a thriving business.

About 2 years ago, a  friend suggested that I look into the doTERRA business opportunity!   I was amazed that I hadn't considered this before... it felt right so I dove in. Since then, I have cultivated a  business, connected with beautiful women, was able to let go of some other job obligations, began building a retreat biz incorporating oils &  best of all, helped so many people find natural ways to care for their families and loved ones.  I feel like I've found my calling : I am getting paid to enjoy life and help people!  It's been an intuitive and magical experience for me.  Financial freedom is now a reality, just by doing something I am truly passionate about. The Universe works in wonderful ways, you guys!

If you feel called to explore doTERRA as a business too, I'd LOVE to help you and teach you everything I know... this is a business of collaboration, where we work together to build each other up.  If you truly love being of service and helping people, this is the gig for you... and the income is damn awesome! But, if your calling is to simply use the oils in your home, I'm just as happy to mentor you through that.
What's the best way to start?

Hands down, the best place to start your oil journey is with a starter kit.

Here's why? :

  • you automatically qualify for always getting your oils at the wholesale discount :: 25% off!
  • doTERRA bundles the BEST oils into the starter kits.
  • the cost of each oil in the starter kit is hugely reduced, even from the wholesale price.
  • the $35 membership fee is waived (you get membership for free).
  • you get me as your oil guide to help you make the most of your oils .

What if I only want to start with a few oils?
Yes, you can definitely start with an oil or two if this is your preference. Purchase membership ($35) and then all the oils you get will be given to you at the wholesale discount of 25% off.
Yay, I'm ready ... I want my oils!
Great, I'm so excited... I can't wait to be your oil guide and make oil magic with you!

The easiest way to get you started is for you to submit the form below with your details and I'll process your order and contact you immediately with your dōTerra  account details. 
Or, contact me on Facebook
That's it, Beautiful! I'll set you up and be in touch soon. I'm excited to be your own personal Oil Fairy & help you get the most of your oils every step of the way!
Getting your oils through me... what's in it for you?

When you purchase these oils through me, my  goals are to teach you how to use your account so that you can take advantage of all the omazing promos that dōTerra offers and guide/mentor you so that you feel confident in using oils to support your needs.  My passion is making sure that you know what your oils can do and how they will fit into your unique and beautiful family. When you get your lovely kit delivered… you ALSO get ME… your own personal Oil Fairy! And I'll make this a fun & happy journey.

Each day I get Q’s from friends and customers through email or Instagram and I love to answer them all!  Me. Not an automated system or an assistant. I have found such meaningful empowerment through my oils and I want to help you find the same.

As soon as your package arrives, I will send you an e-guide on all of the oils in your kit & the different ways you can use them. And, I will also connect with you for a complementary but super important half-hour Skype or Zoom call. We will go through your oils and you can ask me any specific questions you may have. This call is golden as it helps you feel confident in using your oils for your specifically beautiful family.

I’ll add you to my extensive essential oil community so that you can see how others, just like you, are using their oils with their families & in their homes.

When you enroll, I'll send you a special care package to welcome you to my oil tribe!  I’ll also send you a newsletter twice per month full of inspo, inspo, recipes & DIYs! 

Compare this connection we’ll be building together with buying something cheap and nasty of a shelf? When you purchase these wonderful oils you actually get a real-life, loving, human to be your coach & cheerleader (should you so desire). That’s one of the most wonderful things about dōTerra &  why I love my job and life so very much.

I am super excited to welcome you to our tribe & mentor you every step of the way in using these beautiful gifts from the Earth.

If you are joining my team to build a doTERRA business ( yay... I'm delighted to have you on board!!), know that I am always available to help guide you through the intricacies of this magical journey. I'll share all my knowledge with you, be your mentor & help  you every step of the way.
Also, how you invest now can help in your future success.  Know this... I've never had anyone wish they had bought a smaller kit but I've had MANY wish they had started with a larger one. My first kit was the Home Essentials Kit many on my team have started with the Home Essentials Kit. As a business builder, the more you can pack into this first purchase, the more you'll save & the more deeply and authentically you will be able to dive into this beautiful new way of life.

If you need any help deciding on which kit is right for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me on any of my social media pages or through email :

I am so excited to welcome you to our community!

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