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Peaceful Planet Yoga Birthday Party Packages!

All parties are 90 minutes unless otherwise noted

Possible Party Themes

GLOW-GA! (ages 5 and up!) $375

Yogis will experience epic glow-in-the-dark yoga fun!  We will play favorite yoga style games and practice poses inspired by creatures of the night!  

Yogis will receive 1 glow-in-the-dark tattoo!

(I am unable to offer this party at our Bridgehampton location)

Yoga Spa Party (age range 8-15) 2 hours $350

Yoginis will practice Peaceful Planet Yoga favorites such as Intuition, Freeze Dance Yoga, Pom Pom Pose and more!  Yoginis will form a sangha circle, receive calming aromatherapy body spray while listening to spa music and creating a massage circle.  Aromatherapy will fill the air as girls learn techniques to de-stress, calm & soothe their minds, practice mudras and self affirming mantras.  Each yogini will receive 2 flash tattoos, sparkly body glitter and sparkly foot powder.

(Add-On Mix and decorate Magic Aromatherapy Yoga Mist $8 each)

Yoga Peace Party! (ages 6 and up!)2 hours $400

Yogis will celebrate and play yoga favorites such as Yoga Chief, Triangle Tag, and Silent It!  Yogis will design their own Peaceful Planet Yoga t-shirt!   Groovy peace fans will hang from the sky!  We will form a sangha circle and explore meditation, The Big Om, Peace Breath, Candle Gazing, and Candle Breath!  T-shirts, permanent markers, fabric markers and stencils will be provided.

Yoga Art Party (age range 5-15) 2 hours $350

Yogi's will play yoga style games such as Yoga Telephone, Yogi(Simon) Says, Pom Pom Pose and create a yogic themed art project.  Art activities may include: wish boxes, seashell art, decorate a wooden mandala, decorate a wooden peace symbol, seed mandalas, mantra rocks, no sew aromatherapy eye pillow, or come up with your own project!  

All materials will be provided.  Additional fees may be applied for some projects.

Tie-Dye Yoga PEACE Party!(ages 7+) 3 hours $450

Yoga, poi arts, hula hoops, coloring, games, music and each yogi will tie-dye a Peaceful Planet Yoga t or tank!

These party packages must be booked at least 3 weeks in advance

Wild About Nature (age range 4-8) $325

Yogis will be encouraged to use their imaginations as they swim like goldfish, stomp like dinosaurs, hop like grasshoppers, creep like an eensy weensy spider, fly like a yoga butterfly, practice butterfly breath and even be a dead bug!

Dinosaur Yoga (age range 3-7) $325

Yogis will roar and stomp like a Dinosaur to Laurie Berkners hit song "We Are The Dinosaurs".   We will play Don't Wake the Dinosaur!  Yogis will explore the land of dinosaurs hatching from dinosaur eggs, moving their bodies like meteors, volcanos, shooting stars, flying like a teradactyl and more!  

This party can also be GLOW IN THE DARK!

Downward Doll Yoga (age range 4-10) $325

Girls will open their hearts and minds to yoga style fun while learning a variety of poses and yoga style games they can play at home with their dolls.  Providing a downward doll yoga experience encourages healthy and creative yoga play at home!  Yogis and their dollies will relax in a sangha meditation circle complete with savasana and sparkly meditation balm. 

Add-On - each yogini can decorate a doll sized yoga mat - $10 per yogi and an additional 1/2 hour

NO charge for the birthday child.  

Includes all permanent and fabric markers and stencils.  An additional 1/2 hour is needed to incorporate this project

Enchanted Forest Yoga (age range 4-9) $325

Yogis will explore the enchanting world of  Fairies, Peaceful Dragons and Prancing Unicorns!  Yogis will learn dragon pose, unicorn pose, rainbow pose and more!  We will practice dragon breath,  play Don't Wake the Dragon, practice fairy breath, and discover Rainbow Power!  We will play yoga while listening to the 1960's hit The Unicorn Song! by the Irish Rovers!  

Yogis will experience a rainbow meditation and receive sparkly mediation balm.

Yoga Pirates (age range 4-8) $325

Yogis will create ocean waves, row, row row their pirate boat to shore, walk the plank and discover a mermaid!  Yogis will work together to pass the canon ball, practice pirate breath and play Don't Wake the Pirate! Yogi pirates will avoid the snapping jaws of a yoga alligator and play the Shark Game!

Peaceful Planet Yoga Party Fees

90 minute party fee - $325 for up to 12 guests.  

2 hour party fee - $350 for up to 12 guests.  

$10 for each additional yogi  

NO CHARGE for the birthday yogi!

add an additional 30 minutes on to any party for $50

add Glow-in-the-Dark to any party for an additional $50

a $100 deposit is required 30 days in advance to reserve the party date

Possible Yoga Party Favors

10 ml Essential Oil Rollerball - $10 each 

Magic Yoga Mist (Lavender, Lime or Peppermint Scented Spray) (4oz.) - $8 each

Doll Sized Yoga Mat - $5 each (blue, pink, or purple)

Color changing led tea light for "candle gazing" in organza bag - $5 each

Blow-able color changing led tea light for "candle breath" in organza bag - $5 each 

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